Whether you are a student or professional, you will definitely have to present a topic during your year of study or during your career. It is therefore essential to be able to rely on a quality and effective presentation to captivate your audience.

It is indeed extremely frustrating to work for days, weeks or months on a topic, and not to convince your peers because your presentation is not adequate.

You are here in good hands: you will find on our website hundreds of presentation templates, compatible with all tools such as Powerpoint (2007, 2010 and further versions), Open Office and Google slides (or any other online tool).

To find the powerpoint theme that will be impactful for your presentation, you can browse our products by category, by color and keyword. All our templates are free !

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What a delightful presentation of our world is supposed to be ... Well, from a raw theorical prospect, one can think out...

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Loneliness and seclusion are the first feelings that we could experience by looking at this magnificient tree depicted o...

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This floating and groovy curve powerpoint template is one of our favorite, and we really hope you will also like it! Let...

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This background template delicately portrays the period of flowering in spring time, during which the flowers open and f...

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When we happily received this lovely and adorable template, we somehow returned to childhood ! Maybe this will not be so...

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What a plain but bright idea to create a wide frame surrounded by green flowers ! By the way, it clearly appears, or at ...

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This powerpoint background will be perfect for your presentations related to nature and biological subjects. With a very...

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If we look into this presentation template from a pure visual angle, it is not quite intricate. Actually, it appears to ...